How many photos will I get from my photo shoot?
This is a tricky question because there are a lot of factors that go into this, but as a general guideline, here is how many final shots I produce in a 10-hour shoot day:

Advertising (Studio): 3-5
Editorial (Studio): 8-12
Lifestyle (Location): Hundreds of shots, typically narrowed down to 20-50 final images, depending on budget

Can I hire you to photograph and style food on the same shoot?
As an artist and major control freak, I love doing work where I can both shoot and style! This works out especially great for cookbooks and recipe publications where I am working remotely and budgets are tighter. Keep in mind that when I’m hired to do both jobs at once, the shooting process takes longer, so it doesn’t always save money. But if you love the way I style food and my photography, then by all means do this! For advertising work and some editorial shoots, I typically hire outside stylists and/or 1-2 assistants for the shoot, as extra hands are necessary to keep things running smoothly and make the photos perfect.

Do you work remotely? Do I need to be on set for the photo shoot?
I work remotely with many amazing clients who trust me to “do my thing” and produce images they’ll love. I’m always more than happy to have clients on set, too, if you want to take a more hands-on approach or just watch the photos unfold! If you would like to approve shots throughout the shoot day, things move much more quickly if you are on set for approval. If that’s not possible, I can send proofs via email or text to get feedback and approval, but this may result in fewer final photos (or overtime) due to communication lag.

Where will my photos be taken?
For remote studio work where clients won’t be present, I work from my home studio. When clients are on set, I rent a suitable local studio that meets the needs of the shoot and can hold more people than my home studio. Location shoots may be done in your store, restaurant, headquarters, or location of your choosing. I’m also happy to suggest and/or scout locations!

Will you travel to…?
Probably! I work as a local throughout Ohio (hi, Cleveland and Cincinnati!) for single day shoots. For local multi-day shoots where a hotel stay is necessary, lodging reimbursement is included in my invoice. I am available for hire throughout the United States, with travel reimbursement.

I am a small business owner, and I don’t have a large photography budget. Do you do discounted or free work?
As a small business owner myself, I feel this. I very rarely take on free/discounted clients, but I do have a range of packages to accommodate many price points, and I occasionally offer mini sessions (keep an eye on my Instagram stories!). I also encourage businesses to prioritize photography as part of their expenses. Clients love great images, and strong visuals on your website and social media accounts will do wonders. I’m biased, of course, but I think of photography as an investment!

What does a food stylist even do? Do you just cook food or plate food in a pretty way?
Food styling jobs can range from light to intensive, but food styling always takes longer and is more nit-picky than “just cooking.” An average food styling job for me can include any or all of the following: creating shopping lists based on art direction, hiring assistants, sourcing and shopping for ingredients and props, sorting through hundreds of food/product samples to find the best looking specimens, experimenting with food products to see how they react to certain preparations or under different conditions (e.g. how long will the food last on set under hot lights?), preparing foods from a recipe/build sheet, figuring out how a recipe needs tweaked to look good on camera, making stand-ins for the photographer, making “heroes” for the final photo, adjusting styling based on photographer/client feedback, refreshing food that starts to look “dead” on set, and doing lots and lots of dishes. And I’m sure I’m forgetting some things!