Packages range from $750-$4000+

Eye-catching images are mandatory in our increasingly visual world. I create beautiful photos that match your brand’s style and catch your customers’ eyes (and hearts).

I offer both in-studio “beauty” shots of food and products and on-location lifestyle photography. Every shoot is different, but let’s start a conversation to figure out the perfect package for you.


Cookbook/Recipe Photography
Restaurant Photography
Product Photography
Advertising Photography
Social Media Photography
Lifestyle Brand Photography
Small Business Photography

Food Styling

Pricing starts at $1200

Have you ever heard about food stylists using glue instead of milk for cereal photos, or using scoops of Crisco to fake ice cream? I have all this and more in my bag of tricks. Food styling is about more than just cooking know-how… it’s the art of making food look good enough to eat (even though I guarantee you won’t want to eat it by the time I’m done with it). I channel my perfectionistic tendencies to make your food look incredible down to the last detail, from selecting the perfect ingredients to melting cheese with a steamer (yep).